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International Air Ambulance, Medical Flights & Medical escort.
Ready to fly to/from North America or anywhere, around the clock
We provide 24 Hour bed to bed Professional Air Ambulance service for injured or ill individuals in specially equipped Aircraft. We also provide Medical Escort on commercial flights when required.

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Worldwide Links

Orange Aviation is linked with well over 250 air ambulance operators and assistance organizations for medical flights services around the world.
These connections assure a very short response time for transport of patients to/from North America or every location.

Air Ambulance

The Air - MedEvac Crew

The medical flight staff - Physicians, Nurses, and Paramedics - are certified as Advanced Cardiac Life Support Providers, and trained in Aviation Physiology and air ambulance flights. The Pilots are well experienced, with thousands of medical flight hours on International Transport Missions, and are especially accredited for A Medical Flight evacuation.

The Fleet

Our air ambulance service operates an Air-Conditioned, Pressurized, Twin-Engine Aircraft, equipped to provide full Intensive Care treatment during the medical flight to/from North America or anywhere.

Medical Flight

Medical Equipment on Board

  • Medical Team kit X3 including Air Way control & A.C.L.S drug.
  • Monitor Propaq 104 el by Protocol.
  • Monitor Defibrillator Life Pak 10 by Physiocontrol.
  • Respirator BIPAP by Respironics.
  • Respirator Oxilog 2000 By Drager.
  • Syringe pump X 2.
  • AC 220 V
  • Electric suction pump.
  • A.T.L.S equipment Back Board, Splints, Collars, etc.
  • O2 Cylinders.
  • Additional Medical equipment as needed.

Medical Equipment

Incubator with intensive care respirator

Prices Quotes

Our price quote is all inclusive covering the complete medical flight service:
  • Air Ambulance, Medical Flights & Medical Escort
  • Medical Counseling
  • Medical Staff
  • Medical Materials
  • International Coordination of Over flights
  • Airport Handling and Taxes, but excludes Ground Ambulance charges

Terms of Payment

Orange Aviation requires payment in full with the order.
We accept the following credit cards:

by U.S. dollar transfer to: Bank-Leumi, Branch No. 937 (Lod), account No. 044000/73.

Contact Us

For immediate service and reasonable prices, call our operation center direct 24/7
Tel. + 972 8 923 5751

To save valuable time on medical flights the Medical Information Format for Air-MedEvac should be sent in advance, by fax, to the attention of our Medical Director.
Fax. + 972 8 923 5758

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